Throughout my career as a magician, I have learned more tricks than I could ever possibly count; from the day I began my journey up into the present, I have continued to expand my portfolio of tricks to ensure that my performances are always interesting and fresh.

But just as every musician has their favorite song, every magician has their favorite illusion. My personal favorite is one that I have known for a very long time, but predates my career in magic by about 100 years. This trick, which is known as “The Sub Trunk Illusion,” was first performed by the great Harry Houdini, who was considered by many to be the greatest magician who ever lived.

In this trick, the magician is locked inside of a wooden crate by their assistant. The assistant then stands on top of the box, and throws up a curtain. When the curtain falls, the magician and their assistant have miraculously switched places in the blink of an eye!

I first saw The Sub Trunk Illusion performed at Geauga Lake, a local amusement park. I was so amazed by the trick that I watched the show a countless number of times, just trying to figure out how on earth it was possible. Luckily enough, I was able to befriend the magician who performed the illusion, and he finally showed me how it was done. Once I knew how the trick was performed, I began building the illusion box in my high school woodshop class so that I could begin practicing and performing it myself.

Once my wooden box was built, my friends and I would practice the illusion in our driveway in an attempt to beat the current world record holder’s speed. After much practice, I teamed up with another local magician by the name of Michael Mage and we performed the trick as our signature illusion.

Later on in my magic career, I found an original Sub Trunk box at an auction and purchased it instantly. Since then I have probably performed this particular illusion over 4000 times, and I still end all of my large stage shows with this incredible trick. I have even begun performing an illusion called “The Crystal Metamorphosis” which is the Sub Trunk Illusion with an edgier and more elegant twist. Although I still work closely with the magicians that I have connected with and befriended over the years, my main assistant for this illusion is now my sister-in-law Courtney Marchak.

While every magician eventually develops a style and discovers their favorite illusion, the best way to find inspiration for a great show is to practice as many tricks and watch as many magicians as possible. Contact me today for inquiries regarding a magic show or questions about private lessons that will help you become the best magician that you can be!

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