Just like any other art form, magic can take a lifetime to master. Even professionals such as myself who have made a career out of magic still spend hours each day practicing old tricks and learning new ones. However, getting started in magic can be fun, easy, and inexpensive – here is a guide to getting started in the world of magic that will allow you to begin impressing crowds with your tricks in no time!

Before you ever pick up a deck of cards, put on a cape, or pull a bunny out of a hat, it is important that you learn the necessary skills to pull off awesome tricks from those who have already done so. Go to the library or get online and order as many magic books or DVDs as you can get your hands on. Youtube is also a great place to begin, as magicians will often upload tutorials for specific tricks on their channels. If you are serious about improving your skills in magic, consider taking lessons from someone in your community – I have been teaching private lessons for 15 years, and I have found that it is a great way for aspiring illusionists to hone their skills.

While you should definitely start by learning the tricks already designed by others, the best magicians are the ones that create and perform their own. This can be challenging at first if you don’t know where to begin, but after learning, practicing, and performing a fair amount of tricks, you will be able to draw inspiration from what you already know and original illusions will be easier to design. Although it takes more time to come up with tricks than it does to simply perform those that other magicians have previously crafted, nothing is more impressive to an audience than a trick that they have never seen before and that no other magician in the world has performed!

With enough discipline and hard work, you can become a unique magician who delivers incredible performances to anyone lucky enough to watch. These tips helped me to become the illusionist that I am today, and they will undoubtedly set you off on the path to being a great magician as well. I started out with only VHS tapes and a magic set with German instructions that I couldn’t even read; imagine what is possible today, with Amazon, Youtube, and an unlimited supply of books and DVDs available!

The people that helped me advance my career in magic were some of the best teachers that I could have asked for, and they played a huge part in helping me get to where I am today. For this reason, I enjoy teaching aspiring magicians how to become great just as much as I do performing on my own. Through my magic camps, personal lessons, and Skype tutoring sessions, I can undoubtedly help you improve your skills so that you are the best magician that you can be. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding what to do or inquiries on lessons – I am always happy to help, and would love to be a part of your journey to the mastery of magic.

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