Tips for Choosing the Right Corporate Entertainer for Your Event

Tips for Choosing the Right Corporate Entertainer for Your Event

Choosing the right corporate entertainer for your event is crucial for creating a memorable experience for your attendees. The right entertainer not only fills the event with energy and excitement but also reinforces your brand message and values, leaving a lasting impact. However, with so many entertainment options available, making the right choice can be a daunting task.

This blog post aims to provide you with actionable tips and insights to guide you through the process and ensure your event is a resounding success.

Consider the Occasion and Theme of Your Event

Understanding your event's theme and occasion is pivotal when selecting a corporate event magician. A corporate event magician can seamlessly blend their performance into the theme, enhancing the overall ambience and enjoyment for your attendees. Here are some key points to remember when considering a corporate event magician:

  • Relevance to the theme: Ensure the magician's performance style aligns with your event's theme. A comedy magician might be ideal for a relaxed, informal gathering, while a mentalist could add a mysterious touch to a sophisticated soiree.
  • Audience engagement: A good corporate event magician should be adept at engaging a diverse audience, making everyone feel involved and entertained.
  • Professional experience: Evaluate the magician's experience in corporate events. Reviews, testimonials, and past clientele can provide valuable insights.
  • Customized performances: The magician should be willing to tailor their act to fit your specific event and audience. Customization could involve incorporating your brand message or values into their performance.
  • Budget considerations: The cost should align with your event budget. It’s important to remember that while hiring a magician can add a unique element to your event, it should not cause financial strain.

Research Prospective Entertainers

Rick Smith Jr. is a well-known corporate event magician who can add flair to any event. His talent for creating unforgettable moments and engaging audiences of all types has made him a sought-after performer for corporate events. Here are some key points about Rick Smith Jr.:

  • Guinness World Record Holder: Rick Smith Jr. holds three Guinness World Records for card throwing, showcasing his remarkable talent.
  • Versatile Performer: His performances are not limited to magic; he also incorporates card throwing, mentalism, and comedy into his dynamic shows.
  • Experienced Entertainer: With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Rick Smith Jr. has performed at numerous corporate events, private functions, and on national television.
  • Customizable Shows: He offers customizable performances, ensuring his act aligns with the event’s theme and audience. His goal is to create a memorable experience that emphasizes your brand's message.
  • Professionalism: Rick Smith Jr. is known for his professionalism, both on and off stage, making him a reliable choice for corporate events.

Make Sure the Entertainer’s Performance Fits Within Your Budget

Choosing the best entertainment for your corporate event often requires a balance of budget, performance, and relevance to your event's theme. It's essential to get value for your money, but the quality of the entertainment should not be compromised. You want to engage your audience, reinforce your brand message and leave a lasting impression. Here are some of the best entertainment options for corporate events:

  • Card Throwing Magicians: Card throwing magicians offer a unique blend of magic and skillful card manipulation that can leave your guests in awe. These performers demonstrate remarkable dexterity and precision, transforming ordinary playing cards into flying projectiles or intricate pieces of art right before your guests' eyes. The interactive nature of card throwing brings an additional level of excitement, as guests might be asked to participate in the act, catching thrown cards or acting as targets for precision throws. One of the most notable names in this field is Rick Smith Jr., who holds multiple Guinness World Records for his card throwing feats. These entertainers are excellent choices for corporate events aimed at creating a lively, interactive, and unforgettable experience. They can adapt their performances to reflect your company's brand or message, making the entertainment an integral part of the event rather than just an add-on. However, as with any entertainment choice, it's important to consider the audience and event theme, as well as your budget, when contracting a card throwing magician.
  • Motivational Speakers: If you want your event to have a more serious and thoughtful tone, consider hiring a motivational speaker. They can inspire your audience, impart valuable knowledge, and often incorporate your organization's values or objectives into their talk.
  • Musical Acts: A live band or solo artist can add a touch of class to your event. Music can set the mood, whether you want a lively, upbeat atmosphere or a more relaxed, laid-back vibe.

Remember, the best entertainment for your event will depend on your specific goals, audience, and theme.

Check if They Have a Diverse Range of Entertainment Options

Rick Smith Jr. offers a diverse range of corporate entertainment services, providing options that can cater to different event needs and preferences. His portfolio includes not just fascinating magic shows, but also other unique acts that captivate audiences and make your event stand out. Here are some key services he offers:

  • Magic Shows: Rick Smith Jr. is known for his captivating magic shows that leave audiences spellbound. His exceptional skills, combined with his engaging personality, make these shows a hit at corporate events.
  • Card Throwing Acts: Holding multiple Guinness World Records, Rick Smith Jr. is a master of the art of card throwing. His card throwing acts are a unique blend of skill, precision, and entertainment that always leave audiences in awe.
  • Mentalism Performances: Rick Smith Jr.'s mentalism acts add a layer of mystery and intrigue to any event. These performances showcase his ability to manipulate and predict human behavior in ways that astound and fascinate.
  • Comedy Routines: Rick Smith Jr. is also a skilled comic, able to inject humor into his performances, making them even more enjoyable and memorable.
  • Customizable Shows: Understanding that each event is unique, Rick Smith Jr. offers customizable shows that align with the event’s theme, audience, and objectives. This ensures that his performance resonates with your audience and enhances your event's overall impact.

About Rick Smith Jr. 

Rick Smith Jr. is a world-renowned corporate entertainer, specializing in sleight-of-hand card magic and mind-reading performances. He has been mesmerizing audiences with his unique brand of entertainment for over two decades, performing at numerous high-profile events worldwide.

His shows combine elements of mentalism, comedy, audience participation, and customized presentations that can be tailored to any event, audience size, or budget. He is renowned for his ability to create a sense of wonder and amazement in his audiences, as well as an unforgettable experience that leaves them wanting more.

Rick Smith Jr. has been featured on many major TV networks such as NBC's "Tonight Show", ABC's " Shark Tank", America's Hot Talent, and many more. He has also been featured in many publications such as the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

If you're looking to add a touch of magic and surprise to your next business event, Rick Smith Jr. has the experience and skill set to deliver a truly unforgettable performance that will leave your audience in awe. Get in touch with him today and let his special brand of entertainment take your corporate event to the next level.
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