My journey to becoming a world record-holding card thrower was not a direct one; in fact, my ability to throw playing cards far, high, and fast originally stemmed from my experience as a baseball player. I pitched for Cleveland State University from 2000-2003 (throughout my college years) and found out towards the end of my NCAA baseball career that the pitching skill that I had perfected for my time on the mound actually translated over to card throwing as well. Using the curveball technique with which I had become so familiar, I found that I could throw playing cards with both great accuracy and speed.

After discovering my hidden talent for playing card throwing and breaking the world record soon after, I released my first instructional video entitled “Art of Card Throwing” in 2003. While this DVD was only 30 minutes long, it explained the fundamentals of my card throwing technique along with a few basic stunts. Years later, with 29 national television performances and countless event bookings under my belt, I teamed up with Murphy’s Magic Supplies, Inc. to develop my second DVD. This film, entitled “Velocity,” goes into a great deal more depth than it’s predecessor by including tips on how to build crowds along with specific techniques for distance and accuracy throws. Because of it’s wider scope of applications, Velocity was geared toward those who wanted to throw cards for crowds, to impress friends, or just for fun. My third DVD, “Xtreme Beginners Vol. 1,”  was released in 2007 in conjunction with playing card manufacturing/design company De’Vo. This video delved more into card throwing as an art form than did my previous releases.

All of these videos are available for purchase on my magic store, and will undoubtedly help you hone your skills so that you become the best card thrower you possibly can. For those who are interested in a shorter introduction to my card throwing technique, I have written a basic explanation below.

Begin by placing the card between your pointer and middle finger (as if you are trying to cut the top of the cards off) and gripping it firmly. Bring your wrist inwards so that your elbow points to the floor – if you need information as to how this should be done, my YouTube videos will serve as a good example – and then flick it outwards, extending your arm. Your fingers should point in the direction that you want the card to, and the motion should resemble that of a pitcher throwing a curveball. Although this is only one of many methods that professional card throwers use, it is the one that I believe is best suited for far and accurate throws.

Throwing cards far and fast might not come easily at first; the reason I picked it up so quickly was that I had refined the form that I had developed from throwing baseballs for so many years. With this being said, enough practice can turn anyone into an impressive card thrower. Don’t be discouraged at first, and keep pushing through until you get the results that you desire!

It is important to note that card throwing can, surprisingly enough, lead to some fairly serious chronic injuries. I have had three elbow surgeries throughout my time as a professional, and I am now careful about what I do when I am showing off my abilities. Granted, I am still the record holder and can throw a card farther than anyone else in the world. With enough practice and caution, it is possible to remain relatively injury-free while simultaneously becoming very good at throwing cards far and fast. Those who are just throwing cards casually and not doing so for hours a day have a lower chance of encountering an injury.

If my videos and instructions leave you wanting more information on advanced card throwing tips and techniques, don’t hesitate to contact me with questions regarding private lessons. Although I love throwing cards in my own performances, I enjoy teaching others equally as much, and I have trained my students to become quite good in their own right; one of my past students, Dominic Evans, became the youngest skilled card thrower I have ever seen. He earned the right to perform on America’s Got Talent and Little Big Shots among other major shows due to his card throwing abilities.

Want to start throwing but don’t know where to begin? Check out my Magic Shop to browse the various cards that I would recommend for those hoping to become skilled throwers. So pick up a deck, start improving your skills, and prepare to wow crowds with your talent!

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